Our Open Rate is 100%, what’s yours?

Digital marketing is a powerful tool, it allows you to build brand awareness and reach your target audience. But considering the average person sees over 2,500 marketing messages each day, how effectively are you reaching your audience and convincing them to take action?

Our Solution

We’re You Got My Attention, or YGMA for short, and we offer a unique solution to the challenge that most sales and marketing professionals face.

It’s bulk mail marketing, with a twist.

With a background in the toy industry, we know the joy and surprise people get when they open a package from us. It’s this flood of happiness that brings the biggest grin on the receiver’s face. What if you could create that for your target customer? We create a unique experience for your target audience, offering various custom stuffed animals complete with custom messaging and your own business card and literature. It’s simple, memorable, and guaranteed to get your audience’s attention.