Playtime by Eimmie

Meet Eimmie
Hi, I’m Eimmie, your new best friend. I love fun, games, and playing pretend. What do you want to do? I can’t wait for our next adventure!

Real Toys for Real Imaginations
Few things mean more to a girl’s childhood than the memories of playtime with their favorite doll. A girl’s bond with her doll not only holds a special place in her heart but is filled with fond memories of growing up. These moments are critical in every girl's upbringing, that's why we've created Playtime by Eimmie, our series of dolls, doll furniture, doll accessories, and more!

Empowerment Through Imagination and Adventure 
The idea of open-ended play is to create an environment allowing your child to grow their imagination, play continuously and develop cognitive skills. Each Eimmie product is created for just that: to empower your little girl while she expands her imagination and grows, whether it’s trekking through a forest, playing house, or even going into space. We create toys, she creates the adventure.

Quality Toys for Quality Play 
Kids love to have fun, that means continuously handling their toys and carrying them everywhere they go. With Playtime by Eimmie, you won’t ever have to worry about quick breakage. Each doll piece is crafted with high-quality doll materials to withstand playtime adventures. Our doll furniture is made of sturdy wood construction and glossy finish meaning it’s built to last. And should one of her Eimmie toys break easily, contact us so we can make it right!

Adventure Delivered Monthly 
Our team at Playtime by Eimmie is working on something super fun and new, follow us here to stay updated on our new release.