OCT 28th and 29th Indoor Garage Sale Seller Space

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Set up shop at the largest indoor garage sale in Cleveland! Your $15 buys you your own personal selling space for BOTH DAYS! Stack as much as you can fit, and feel free to use the areas underneath and surrounding your table for larger items! Anything new, used or handcrafted is welcome! (New or gently used items sell the best.) Sale will run 9am to 4pm, but sellers are welcome as early as 8am to set up. We're expecting a big turn out, so please come ready to SELL OUT!!

- Selling Space at Oct. 28th and 29th Indoor Garage Sale Event
- Indoor Selling Space- Sell rain or shine!
- Items may be left overnight (at sellers own risk, OrangeOnions will not be responsible for any merchandise at any time)
- 10ft x 4ft Selling Space, Large Enough for an 8 Foot Table
- Seller must provide their own tables / displays. No tables will be provided.

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