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    Barbie Miss Topaz November Birthstone Beauties Collection

    SKU L4102-K8700

    Barbie Miss Topaz November Birthstone Beauties Collection

    The tantalizing topaz, a deep golden yellow, is November's birthstone. Equally lovely is Miss Topaz Barbie doll, paying tribute to the glorious gem in faux topaz jewelry, a sassy lace dress, matching bolero jacket and heels, all in the enchanting champagne hue. Even the precious puppy's leash and crown come in the same birthstone shade. How brilliantly beautiful! The fabulous new Birthstone Beauties Collection, a new series of "Pink Label" dolls celebrating the precious gems symbolizing the months of our birthdays! Each Birthstone Beauties doll wears a glittery lace dress with bolero jacket and sassy strapless heels, in shades designed to complement the necklace with faux gemstone pendants and matching earrings. And then they mix it up each doll features a different combination of hair color and style, eye color, make-up and nail polish! But the cutest part isn't an accessory it's the well-behaved princess puppies with each of the Birthstone Beauties, with matching leashes, collars, and crowns. With such a dazzling array of dolls, this is a truly fun way to celebrate your birth month - or someone else's - in style! The Complete Birthstone Beauties Collection (Barbie Collector Pink Label): * Miss Garnet Barbie doll - January * Miss Amethyst Barbie doll - February * Miss Aquamarine Barbie doll - March * Miss Diamond Barbie doll - April * Miss Emerald Barbie doll - May * Miss Pearl Barbie doll - June * Miss Ruby Barbie doll - July * Miss Peridot Barbie doll - August * Miss Sapphire Barbie doll- September * Miss Opal Barbie doll - October * Miss Topaz Barbie doll - November * Miss Turquoise Barbie doll - December
    *UPC: 027084449331
    *Brand: Birthstone Beauties
    *Manufacturer: Mattel
    *Condition: New
    *Character: Barbie
    *Target Audience: girls
    *Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 3
    *Manufacturer's Suggested Age Measurment: years

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