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    Oliver, the lovable OrangeOnions.com mascot

    "What the heck is an Orange Onion?"

    "What is OrangeOnions.com?"

    "Who's that little orange guy?"


    We're a website with a funny name, serious deals, thousands of products and a goal of 100% customer satisfaction!

    And the little, orange onion? That's Oliver.

    Here's the answers to everything you want to know about OrangeOnions.com, so take a break and learn more about us!

    Our History...

    Our First Product, the Mogu Dream PillowA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...Ok, it was actually Cleveland, Ohio. In his garage in 2007, our founder and CEO, to support his growing family while he was at Law School, started a small Amazon store with a dream. Our first product? A Mogu Dream Pillow. We then branched out to offering Littermaid, then all sorts of toys and housewares. The products kept getting more diverse (about as diverse as oranges and onions) and the deals kept getting better. Next thing you know, we had hundreds of products, then thousands.

    Today, OrangeOnions is still calling Cleveland home, but we are a far cry from those garage days. Now, we're in over 110,000 square feet of office and warehouse space, spanning North Randall and Warrenville Heights, OH, with the goal of making brand-name, online discount shopping easier and providing excellent customer service to you! We've shipped hundreds of thousands of orders to happy bargain shoppers via safe browsing and checkout on OrangeOnions.com and at partner sites, like Amazon.

    Thanks to our caring, knowledgeable staff and our customers, we are growing at a rapid pace with no sign of slowing down. For you, that means even more products and deals to come!

    Orange Onions?? Who came up with that name?

    Our founder loves onions. No, really, the guy eats raw onions any chance he gets and we've got an endless supply of mints just so we can handle talking to him. Like Popeye and spinach. But, the truth is, the name came about as he sat in that garage, trying to figure out what to call his new company. To stand out from the crowd, he needed a unique name. Something that would match the vision that he had of a deal site that was different from all the rest. He wanted something that would convey the message that although we are high volume, and awesome deals, we are a boutique style store, where we care about each and every customer, and we are now OrangeOnions! It's definitely a name you've never heard before, which works well for a company with products, deals and customer service that are truly unique to discount shopping.

    We aren't one of those daily deal sites with only one product for sale a day. Sure, we've got the Deal of the Day, it's our featured product for the day at a deep discount and you have to be sure to check it out.

    But take a look around, we've got thousands of products from toys to toasters and each one is a daily deal of itself! You’ll find that our product selection is focused on home and garden, indoor and outdoor decor, toys, children’s furniture, small kitchen appliances, office supplies...products you love at deals you can't resist! Everyday items and extraordinary gift ideas for any occasion. Pretty much anything you need or want for your family and household. All from brand names you trust, like Mattel, Hasbro, Kitchen Aid, Disney and Lego. Our goal is to have the lowest prices on the web! Remember, if you see something you like, don’t wait too long. Our inventory turns quickly, and we rarely re-order. When it's gone, it's gone.

    Everthing we sell on OrangeOnions is shipped from our headquarters by our caring warehouse staff. Not every site can say that. Some sites have their products in a random warehouse, they never see their product much less the people who are sending orders to their customers. We see our product and our awesome warehouse staff everyday.

    When you see that box with the OrangeOnions.com logo on your front porch, you can know that your order was picked, packed and shipped by someone who truely cares that you have a great shopping experience with us.

    We're a fun, family-oriented company and we like to think it shows in everything we do. You may notice that we don't have 24/7 customer service hours and there's a good reason for that. We value the time we spend with our families, it's at the foundation of our company. We're mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters. We do apologize for any inconvenience due to our 'business day' hours, but please know that it is important for our staff and their families. Know that we'll be back that next morning, that Monday, that day after the holiday, ready to serve you.

    And We're Proud to Say...

    We have a lot to be proud of, like being listed as one of the Top 500 'up-and-coming' retail sites on the web via Internet Retailer's Second 500 list for two years in a row. Being "A" rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org). Being featured on thousands of the web's top deal sites and blogs, even a few morning TV shows. Being involved in our community, and to be able to give generously to a variety of charities. But our proudest moments happen every day when we read our customer reviews, that's what makes us know we're doing a good job.

    So, now you know a little more about us than you did before. Now we would love to know more about you by friending us on Facebook or connecting on a personal level through any social media channel. We hope that you enjoy shopping with OrangeOnions!